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Vikings and Aliens

The protagonist, Eirik, is a skinny weakling who doesn’t fit in with the rest of the men in his village, who are strong and brave vikings. Eirik is mocked and excluded by the other men, and even the women in the village do not show him any interest. He is seen as a liability by the other warriors and is not allowed to join them on raids. He finds solace in helping the village blacksmith and learning the trade, but still feels like an outcast.

As Eirik struggles with his place in the village, there is political turmoil brewing. The village is divided over who should be the next leader, with different factions vying for power. Eirik finds himself caught in the middle of the power struggle, unsure of where he belongs. The current leader, Jarl, is getting old and his son, Bjorn, is the obvious choice to take over but there are other warriors who want the power for themselves.

One day, while the village is preparing for a big raid, a mysterious ship lands near the village. The villagers investigate and find that the ship is not from their world but from another planet. The ship is occupied by a group of ruthless alien invaders, who are determined to conquer the village and enslave the villagers…

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