Franchise Development

Vikings & Aliens, Fjord of Shadows

Format: Animated Mini-Series

Number of Episodes: 6

Episode Runtime: Approximately 45 minutes per episode

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Historical Drama

Target Audience: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Enthusiasts (18-45), Historical Drama Aficionados
(25-60), Horror Genre Fans (18-40), Action and Adventure Seekers (16-45), Mythology and Folklore Buffs (20-50), Young Adults (16-30), General Audiences appreciative of
High-Quality Production (20+).

Overview: “Fjord of Shadows” is an animated mini-series that combines dark fantasy, science fiction, and historical drama elements. Set in a brooding Viking village, the series tells the story of Eirik, an apprentice blacksmith, who finds himself facing an invasion of tribal, otherworldly aliens. Through six episodes, Eirik undergoes a transformation from a young man devoid of confidence to a warrior and leader who must unite his village against the terrifying invaders. The series focuses on themes such as self-discovery, courage, ancestry, and the battle between human fortitude and otherworldly horror.

Vikings & Aliens, Rise of the Ancients.

Format: Video game

Genre: Action-Adventure, Role-Playing Game (RPG), Horror

Platform: PC

Target Audience: Gamers aged 16 and above, fans of the “Vikings & Aliens” series, enthusiasts of action-adventure, RPG, and horror genres.

Game Concept Overview: “Rise of the Ancients” is an action-adventure RPG set in the dark and mystical world of “Fjord of Shadows”. Players will assume the role of a custom Viking character and embark on an epic quest to defend their land against an ancient tribal alien invasion. The game combines elements of historical Norse culture, dark fantasy, and science fiction horror.

Setting: The game is set in a sprawling, open-world recreation of the Viking age, consisting of multiple villages, dense forests, treacherous fjords, and ancient ruins. The world is dynamically affected by weather and darkness that heightens the tension as it can herald the approach of the tribal aliens.