Viking character, Eirik

The protagonist of the film, Eirik is a skinny weakling who is an outcast in his Viking village. Eirik finds solace in helping the village blacksmith and learning the trade, but still feels like an outcast. He is intelligent, resourceful and determined, with a strong will to survive and protect his village.  As he faces the alien invasion, he rises to the occasion and becomes a brave and respected leader.

Viking character, Bjorn

The Jarl’s son Bjorn, in his early 30s, is the village’s most capable warrior. A man of few words, Bjorn is known for his impressive strength and brooding silence. He carries the weight of his privileged position, often conflicted between his father’s ruthless governance and his own sense of justice. The incident involving Eirik, which nearly cost him his life, continues to
haunt him.

Viking character, Jarl

The Jarl is a formidable leader in his late 40s. His stern countenance and imposing stature command respect, and his sharp gaze often evokes fear. The Jarl, a warrior once celebrated for his prowess, now governs with an iron fist, his authority unchallenged and absolute. Yet beneath his confident exterior, there are whispers of a past entangled in deceit and shadows of power usurped under dubious circumstances.

Freya, a graceful young woman in her early 20s, is known for her
serene demeanor. Her lustrous blonde hair and emerald eyes are
complemented by a quiet strength that emanates from within. Her
knowledge of herbs and plants is unmatched in the village, a testament
to her curiosity and spiritual connection to nature. Soft-spoken
yet assured, Freya often seems lost in her own world, tending
to her plants or reciting forgotten folktales.

Viking character, the village blacksmith

The village blacksmith, is a ruggedly attractive man in his late 50s. His sinewy physique and weathered face speak volumes about the labor and wisdom he’s gained over the years. Following the disappearance of Eirik’s parents, he took Eirik under his wing, providing not just training but a home. Despite his stoic exterior, the blacksmith has a heart full of empathy for Eirik’s struggle for acceptance and respect in the village.

Svana is an enigmatic and respected völva (witch or seeress) living
deep within the forest. She is a practitioner of seid, an ancient form
of shamanism that allows her to predict the future, communicate
with spirits, and influence reality. She lives a solitary life in her
secluded forest hut, shrouded in ageless wisdom and mystery.

The remaining viking warriors

A group of strong and brave warriors who are the backbone of the village. They are initially skeptical of Eirik’s leadership but eventually come to respect and follow him.

The Marauder, the Alien Leader, is an embodiment of brutal intellect and strength. Encased in bone armor, carrying simple yet lethal weapons,
he represents his tribe’s raw, hunting culture. His emerald eyes glow menacingly, seeing Earth not as a conquest, but a challenging
hunting ground.